3 features in ERP solutions- for the next generation

3 features in ERP solutions- for the next generation

Knowing the expectations and needs of the new generation will aid in making smart ERP decisions and the smooth implementation of a successful ERP. Millennials make up for the largest part of todays working force. They are key influencers in this competitive market, insights from this generation can only positively affect user adoption and integration.

Criticized for being obsessed with the digital world constantly, but it is certain that these obsessed people are the most tech savvy and have used technology for their whole lives for nearly all their needs such as shopping, paying bills, staying connected and so much more. In this fast changing business environment, it is essential you stay on your toes and don’t miss out on trends and most importantly don’t ignore the needs.

  • User friendly

A key goal for any ERP solution, is that is must engage the user. This can be done positively only if navigation is easy, interface is configurable and efficiency. Atleast this is what we thought. The new generation have grown up with innovative solutions when it comes to technology. They also look for the appeal. It must be designed to be used easily and intuitively and also must engage the user not only with its functionality but also its look.

  • Communication without barriers

texting and instant messaging is what is expected. Meetings, memos, conferences end up with a lag time. Millennials find that patience is an unnecessary virtue that postpones collaborations and productivity. Your cloud ERP solution should emphasize and encourage collaborative interaction without any delay. A transparent and smooth flowing communication channel between users increases user engagement, trust and reliability.

  • Easy learning

Your ERP solution and implementation process must be fast and must be adopted easily by the user. Any ERP solution that requires day of training will lead to the loss of users and loss of interest from the users. When all our applications on our phones are so easy to navigate, why shouldn’t our ERP solutions be as well? A fully mobile solution that can be easily accessed from anywhere which can ensure immediate adoption and usage is the least that is expected.

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