Assure and Secure before Connect

Assure and Secure before Connect

With the extension of broadband connectivity and innovation in sensor technology, coupled with communication devices at an affordable price, Industries are now compelled to re-look at  business models and their competitive advantages.

The business algorithm is now based on the principle of 3Cs… Connect – Communicate – Compute. The present mantra is:faster the better, if not real-time then at least near real-time and predictive rather than the reactive nature of data analysis.

IOT is no more a buzz word, rather a reality with its presence in all sectors starting from Healthcare to Automobiles. Internet, from its presence in desktop to laptops, to tablets and to smartphones is extended to devices like sensors and actuators with capabilities that communicate the data real-time. IOT has the potential to impact the way we conduct our daily lives in the modern society in terms of our information, transactions, and reactions owing to the smarter way industries, including the Government, try to conduct themselves. Healthcare, Education, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Transportation, Banking, Insurance, Construction, Citizen centric services- almost all the sectors are on their way to transform themselves to conduct business in a more engaged manner with their respective eco-systems.

In this connected world, the quality of data, the quality of transmission, the quality of repository, the quality of data analysis and the quality of application of analysis results determine not only the success of business but rather the fundamental existence of the business. Thus, the new tenet for business is “Test before Connect” or better “Assure and Secure before Connect”

Any failure in the connections, communications and computations will be expensive in terms of business loss. Rather than analyzing the failure and fixing the defect, it is imperative now to conduct thorough testing, predict the defect density and fix the defects in a pro-active manner.

In the IOT world, Testing of business applications in terms of Functional Testing, Volume/Load/Stress Testing, Performance Testing is extended to testing:

  • Connectivity for different standards and protocols
  • Communication for different network technologies and protocols
  • Data Communication for unstructured data, volume and velocity of data
  • Data Repository for data cleaning, data storage
  • Data Access, Vulnerability and Security
  • Data Analysis for insights and data predictions
  • Applications of data analysis in terms of responses to control systems
  • Integration of Systems in terms of data and processes

Winvest Technology Consultancy Services with its developed methodology around Software Testing extends its services to Customers in Testing services covering all the above and provide support in terms of continuous testing to avoid any business risk and/or failure.

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