Cloud Services for SAP

Cloud Services for SAP

The deployment or upgrading of SAP enterprise applications can be complex. SAP applications demand high availability, strict production guidelines, and bandwidth with low latency.

To achieve this and manage costs requires high utilisation rates while still providing critical scalability. Integration with enterprise security and networking is another hurdle to overcome. Mitigating risk with these potentially conflicting requirements demands careful planning and skilled SAP resources.

So how do organisations manage risk and cost while meeting the business demands for rapid time-to-value of SAP deployments and upgrades?

The solution: fit-for-purpose SAP cloud services

Our flexible Cloud Services for SAP accelerate implementation, control costs, optimize deployments, and minimize risk while delivering full scalability. Winvest Technology Consultancy Services combines fit-for-purpose SAP HANA® certified public, private, and hybrid clouds with skilled and certified resources for SAP application services. Our Cloud Services for SAP combined with our SAP professional and support services provide a portfolio of services, including database management, BASIS support, application management services, and implementation.

We also offer scalable infrastructure and staffing. SAP production applications demand a secure, resilient, highly available infrastructure supported by full disaster recovery and backed by service-level guarantees.

Winvest Technology Consultancy Services offers Production-certified, Cloud Services for SAP, delivering all of these requirements.

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