‘Energy Consumption Management’ is a Cloud based solution using IOT technology that integrates the most commonly required modules for capturing real-time data and analysis with respect to energy usage, on a common platform.

 WINVEST with its partner COMPTA has developed proven solution, methodology and tools to assist the customer in implementation and integration with external systems.

Solution Highlights

  • Real-time operation with a flexible SaaS business model
  • Support multi-channel operation
  • Always available, anytime, anywhere through Internet access
  • Alarms & Events co-relations
  • Tariff plans and Simulations
  • Integration with external sensors (CCTV, Weather, Access Control ..)
  • Consumption and Performance reports
  • Applicable for Public Lighting, Enterprises, Buildings etc.

Solution Benefits

  • Significant improvement on energy efficiency usage
  • Minimize environmental impacts
  • Reduction in consumption and operational costs
  • Energy Quality Control (Power, Voltage, Frequency, Loads …)
  • Remote control (Lighting, HVACS, Cooling, Pumps, Generators …)