Need to be smart to run a Commodity Supply Chain Business

Need to be smart to run a Commodity Supply Chain Business

Commodity trading is a complex business for the wholesalers and retailers to manage their business in commodity markets like Fuel, Pulses, Industrial Chemicals, Steel, Glass etc. They are constantly challenged to navigate through the complexities of fluctuating supply-production, product-pricing, regulations and need intelligent tools supporting real-time data to manage their business effectively; in a way to understand their physical and financial positions, optimize their portfolios, manage their risks and sustain profitability levels.

The key KPIs for commodity supply chain are two-fold (a) Visibility and Predictability of sales order – dispatch – delivery – invoicing (b) 360° view of Credit management i.e. supplier – customer – transporter.

In addition, transportation being the major cost of commodity supply chain, real time monitoring of transports from planning – scheduling – routing to monitoring driver behaviors like engine idle time, speed, hard brakes, fuel level etc. are necessary evils to be managed effectively to sustain profitability.

Winvest has deep understanding of the needs and challenges of Commodity Wholesalers & Retailers through experience in building integrated platform based solutions for them that covers ERP, Customer Web Portal, Multi-vendor portal, IOT gateway, Mobile platform extensions and Managed Services through cloud deployment. These solutions support the end-to-end business processes of Wholesale, Retail, Depot and Transport in a way that realizes value for the Commodity Supply Chain Business.

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