Learning Management Platform

The LEARNING MANAGEMENT PLATFORM (LMP) from Winvest is a highly functional and customizable solution tailored for MSME (Skill development), Enterprises (Conferences, Training, Workshops, Hiring), Education Institutions(Universities, Colleges, Schools, Coaching Centers, Training Centers).

The solution is developed using Open Source Technology and hosted on the Cloud is easily accessible in a secured way, scalable and affordable.

Solution Highlights

The core of the solution i.e. Learning Management System (LMS) brings in rich functionalities like:

    1. Managing Courses and Topics
    2. Supporting Multi-format and Multi-media content
    3. Timed Online Multiple-Choice Exams with instantaneous results
    4. Assignments, Evaluation, Grading and Certification
    5. Reporting and Dashboards.

Learning Management Platform has a built-in “Virtual Interactive Platform (VIP)” enabling audio/video communication, interactive white-board for all participants, in-session chats/messaging, break-out sessions,recording, and in-session polling. This VIP module is useful for Virtual Classrooms, Conferences and Workshops.

The cloud hosted LMP platform is an integrated solution i.e. core LMS is easily integrated with ERP (Student Information System), DMS (Document Management and Workflow System), Multimedia Content collaboration tool, ePortfolio (Asset Management) and other applications.

The future roadmap is designed to deliver to our Customers rich functionalities like “Talent Analysis and Competency Management”, “Performance Management” and “Advanced Learning Analytics”.

Solution Benefits

  • On-line Training/Workshops/Class-rooms
  • Learning Assets –  audio, video, documents,
  • Tools for Quizzes, Assignments, Multiple Choice Questions
  • Grading, certification and reporting

Ideally suitable for both Enterprises and Educational Institutions  deliveringa rich digital experience that helps motivating and engaging the participants.


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