Online MCQ Examination

The Online Multiple-Choice Examination (MCQ) solution from Winvest is a utility meant for   conducting MCQ examinations for hiring, training and Student assessments. This is tailored for Enterprises, Schools, Colleges and Coaching Centers.

The solution is developed using Open Source Technology and hosted on the Cloud; which is easily accessible in a secured way, scalable and affordable.

Solution Highlights

    1. Bulk question upload from simple Word document
    2. Supports Images, Graphs, Mathematical Formulas, Chemistry Equations
    3. Scheduling and timing examinations
    4. Allow multiple attempts
    5. Publish/Hide results (Marks/Grades)
    6. Certificates
    7. No worries about interruptions (power/internet outage)
    8. Notification to participants (SMS/eMail)
    9. Analytics (Participant/Subject/Time)

Solution Benefits

This solution helps in setting MCQ Examination papers with multiple formats (text/images) and scheduling the examination with notification to the participants.

It allows any number of participants to attempt the examination from any device from anywhere and get the results immediately with possible certifications.

It allows creating a Question Bank and Analytics that help the organizer/teacher to improve the standard of questionnaire and assessment techniques.

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