With smarter digital age, there is an urgent need for citizens and Government to enable smarter amenities – clean air, clean water, waste collection, green space, clean energy, parking, local entrepreneurship support and social inclusion; thus making cities smarter.

WINVEST with its partner COMPTA has developed proven Smart Cities Solution – a cloud based verticals aggregation platform (Phoenix) that enables unified operation, management control and reporting.

WINVEST with its partner COMPTA has developed methodology and tools to assist the Governmental City Administration departments in implementation and integration with external systems.

Solution Highlights

    1. 360integrated view for City management
    2. Specific sectorial city management modules
      • Energy consumption
      • Greenspace
      • City Fleet
      • Waste Collection
      • Surveillance
      • Parking
      • Regional Products marketplace
      • Citizen interface
    3. Scalable and easy integration with 3rd party modules

Solution Benefits

  • 8-30% Energy savings
  • 10-40% Operational savings
  • 2-5% local economy boost
  • 50-60% efficiency improvements
  • Cleaner City – Improved Tourism and Investment

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