WINVEST has developed a digital platform for managing Supply Chain Finance (Credit) involved in buying, selling and transportation involved in any large-volume and large-value Trading (Minerals, Fuel, Chemicals etc.).

The solution is developed using Open Source Technology (ERP, Multi-vendor portal, integration with IOT devices, Mobility) and hosted on the Cloud; which is easily accessible in a secured way and is scalable and affordable. The solution has modular concepts which can be used by Wholesalers, Retailers and Transporters involved in the Trading community.

Solution Highlights

    1. Link Customer Orders to Supplier Orders
    2. Link Supplier Orders to Transport Orders
    3. Customer Credit ratings and alarms
    4. Supplier Credit ratings and alarms
    5. Payment to Supplier &Transporter linked to Receipt from Customer
    6. Interface to IOT devices in Transport(s) for real-time tracking
    7. Interface to Retail POS devices
    8. APIs to link to other community players

Solution Benefits

  • Visibility of supply-chain from ‘Orders’ to ‘Drop’
  • Buyer-led finance management (AP, Reverse Factoring, Dynamic Discounting)
  • Supplier-led finance management (AR, Traditional factoring, Invoice Discounting)
  • Import & Export Duty Registers
  • Better collaboration with Customers on Expected Time of Delivery
  • Mobile based BOL and DN capturing
  • Stock in order and Stock in motion accounting
  • Trip Planning & Scheduling including dynamic re-routing

The Solution has capability to be extended to Asset based lending, Documentary trade finance, Bank Payment lending etc.

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